Who We Are

MedWiz is the premier pharmacy partner for long-term-care communities that share our commitment and priority to patient-care first. We have transformed the conventional medication management process by being high-touch and patient -focused. At MedWiz we work tirelessly to streamline the often-disjointed communication process between the integral stakeholders in the medication ordering and administration life-cycle. We accomplish this by simplifying processes, educating and communicating frequently. Our comprehensive technology solutions and breadth of pharmaceutical products and services – allow us to be nimble and creative in offering the right service everyone of our unique customer needs. MedWiz understands its customers’ needs and has the industry’s highest standards – with strict adherence to federal and state regulations.

MedWiz has built its reputation by never compromising for mediocracy. We have continuously grown our business, never forgetting who we are and what our values and mission has always been – serve our patients, the facilities and communities with unparalleled attention and care. Today, MedWiz stands strong as a leader in the pharmacy world, serving many states from our expanding network of locations.


Locations We Service:

MedWiz continues to expand its services to Assisted Living, Group Homes and Long-term Care Skilled Facilities, as well as, Community Retail and Specialty Pharmacies in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, New Jersey,New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut with more locations opening soon.