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At MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy, we prioritize patient care through a personalized, patient-centered approach. Our clinical team collaborates directly with patients and their healthcare providers to create customized healthcare plans. These plans aim to enhance patient outcomes, improve quality of life, and support the achievement of individual patient care goals. Our comprehensive pharmacy services include: 

At MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy, we personalize patient care using a patient-centered approach. Our clinical team works directly with patients and their respective providers to develop a tailored, patient-focused healthcare plan that improves patient outcomes, enhances patients quality of life, and facilitates patient care goal achievement. The pharmacy services include:

Specialty Conditions

MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy collaborates directly with interdisciplinary teams to expertly manage a range of complex, rare, and chronic medical conditions. Our focus is on specialized medication therapy, including:

Our Services

MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy works directly with interdisciplinary teams to help manage complex, rare, and chronic medical conditions that require specialized medication therapy including:

Clinical Commitment

MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the most optimal healthcare for our individuals and the diverse communities we serve. We maintain an affirming culture built on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our specialty pharmacy team undergoes continuous training to ensure that we deliver high-quality care and support tailored to your needs.

Clinical Commitment

MedWiz Specialty pharmacy is dedicated to providing the most optimal healthcare for our individuals and the diverse communities we serve. We recognize the health disparities that face members of the LGBTQ+ community and maintain an affirming culture built on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our specialty pharmacy team is trained in LGBTQ+ health to ensure that we are providing you with the best care and support you need.

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    Refill Requests

    Ensuring you never miss a dose, MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy manages prescription refills seamlessly in collaboration with your doctor. A member of our team will reach out before each refill, confirming your medication status and addressing any concerns. Please notify us of any medication changes or insurance issues.


    If you require an early refill, contact our MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy staff at least one week in advance for assistance.


    We adhere to relevant state laws, including those in Illinois, when fulfilling prescriptions. 


    Adverse Drug Reactions

    Should you suspect a reaction, promptly contact the pharmacist at MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy and consult with your doctor.


    Medical Emergency

    In case of a medical emergency, PLEASE CALL 911 or your local emergency service for immediate assistance.



    MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy ensures timely delivery of medications, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated, with an adult signature required upon delivery. We pack and ship medications to maintain their required temperature during transit.


    Financial Responsibility and Financial Assistance

    Before your care begins, the MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy staff will inform you of any costs not covered by insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other third-party provider sources. We will communicate possible out-of-pocket expenses, and if changes occur during the enrollment period, we’ll notify you promptly.


    If our pharmacy is out of network based on your health plan, we’ll provide cost information in writing.


    Insurance Claims

    MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy will automatically submit claims to your health insurance on the prescription fill date. You’ll be verbally informed if payment is required. Please notify us of any changes in your billing address or insurance information promptly.


    If a claim is rejected, our staff will inform you, and we’ll work together to resolve the issue. If resolution isn’t possible, we’ll provide guidance on filing a claim.



    In most cases, MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy requires all insurance co-payments before delivering your medication. Co-payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card.


    Co-pay Assistance Referral Program

    MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy offers a program to assist with co-payments, ensuring you don’t miss taking your medication.



    MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy does not accept returns for any dispensed medications. For more information on options to return medications, please contact your MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy staff at 630.580.1700.



    In the event of a medication recall, our pharmacy will adhere to the guidance issued by the FDA or the manufacturer.



    If you feel MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy is not meeting your prescription needs, we can transfer your prescription to your pharmacy of choice. Please call us at 630.580.1700.


    If we cannot fill your medication, an MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist will transfer your prescription to another specialty pharmacy and notify you of the transfer.


    Benefits and Limitations of the Program

    MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy works closely with your medical team to guarantee optimal care. The success of the program can be influenced by various factors. Your commitment to following instructions and engaging in a care plan is vital. Please communicate if you fully comprehend your care plan and inform MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy about any changes in your care.



    If you have concerns or feedback, please call us at 630.580.1700 for immediate assistance.


    For more information about our services or to speak with MedWiz Specialty Pharmacy staff, call us at 630.580.1700 or email us at ilspecialtypharmacy@medwizrx.com.


    Additional information on specific diseases and medications is available upon request.